The Rwanda Film Festival

The Rwanda Film Festival is a film festival that takes place in Kigali, Rwanda, very year for one week. Over the years, the festival became one of the most interesting and most important film festivals in Africa, but it also gained a lot of international attention and acclaim. Nowadays, it represents one of Africa’s best cultural events.

The festival was started in 2005, and its founder is Eric Kabera. The primary idea behind the creation of the festival was to promote the film industry and cultural legacy of the country.

The festival also bears the name of the “Hillywood festival”, because Rwanda is also known as the land of thousand hills. Another interesting thing is that the festival is not held in only one location, but in several ones. The whole idea was to promote the country and engage as many people as possible; thus, the creators decide to take the festival’s program to a lot of different locations around the country. It is not only held in the capital city of Kigali, but in other areas in the country, by using large inflatable screens for those areas that have no cinemas. The festival is constantly developing, and it will include more and more various programs in the years to come.

Lasting for seven days every year, the Rwanda Film Festival is the host to many domestic and international film authors. Being relatively new, the festival managed to reach the throne of African cultural scene, and it is now being regarded as one of the cultural highlights of the entire continent. From now on, it will be much easier for other authors and aspiring festival-creators to start out, because the path has been created for them.

The festival also gives out awards in various categories. The awards are called the Silverbacks, and they are given for best documentaries, feature films, short films, best directors and Rwanda seen around the world, as well as audience awards and films on Africa.

The Rwanda Film Festival is a great opportunity for many filmmakers to present their talent to the world and continue developing their craft.